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Sachinkumar kinagi

January 16th 2013,12:46 PM

Kanchan in Early Bird Lands in a Soup (A short story from Desis, Dilemmas and More) Kanchan told her sister, Juhi in shocked horror. This quote forms the crux of the message in Desis, Dilemmas and ... More details
Govinda K

January 16th 2013,12:44 PM

Desis, Dilemmas and More! is a compilation of fourteen short stories about first-time Indian travelers to America. Inspired by real-life scenarios, Ruchika Mathur has expressively written them that... More details
Rahul Patil

January 16th 2013,12:42 PM

Indian students going to the States to study for the first time might overlook the required visa preparation if they decide to travel there before the start of their academic sessions. Carelessness... More details
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